helping females build confidence & achieve body goals without restrictions

Jasmine Dawn

helping females build confidence & achieve body goals without restrictions

Online Coaching

An online coach who helps women achieve their dream physique and build confidence, without restricting what they enjoy in life.

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Dedicated Support

I am here every step of the way to help you achieve your goal. Via your dedicated app, you’ll receive my guidance and support throughout your journey.

customised plans

Your workout plan is designed specifically for you, your goals and your lifestyle, using tried and tested training principles that I know work.

Tailored Approach

Access to a real-time progress tracker so you can see your progress at all times. Moreover I can help you with an individual diet plan based on your goals and preferences. In a structured way with good recipes and with simple cooking instructions, my job is to help you achieve your goals in a sustainable way.

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Register via the form above, and I will contact you.

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I will then have a 1:1 consultation with you to assess your needs.

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And all done! We can work together to accomplish your goals.




I became an online coach to help and inspire females get strong and grow in confidence the way I did. Having the chance to make positive changes in people’s lives is what I thrive for.


I work closely with my clients to ensure their results are consistent and maintainable, whilst making it fun! As a result great client transformations are produced time after time.

My mission is to empower you to train correctly towards your goals and teach you how you can create a diet which still includes your favorite foods.

When it comes to health and fitness, any goal is achievable if you want it enough… If it starts with YOU!

Strong mind = strong woman